Fundraising takes time and effort that can overwhelm a small business

Accessing the resources and funds your business needs to grow can be challenging: unclear guidelines, lots of moving parts and lack of support. We understand the impact limited resources and missed opportunities can have on the survival of your business.

MoCaFi is bridging the gap between small businesses and lenders...

… to help your business get the money it needs to weather the storm and grow. MoCaFi offers access to credit products tailor-made for covering the cash flow needs of a small business:

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Community Banking for the next generation

MoCaFi is a company innovating the community banking model for consumers and businesses that have traditionally lacked access to affordable, personalized banking, credit, and wealth-building financial services.


Weigh the best options for your business...

… and complete the business loan application all in one place.

  • Create an online application at
  • Receive your 360 SMB credit profile and lender list match to your credit needs
  • Select a product and get automatically underwritten
  • Access MoCaFi Small Business Lending customer support via chat, email, and phone