If you're at home thinking about a product you'd like to create or a service you'd like to deliver but never had the time or investment to start ... this workshop is for you.


In this workshop
you will:

  • Understand the 9 core elements of every business
  • Learn the process for validating customers for your product
  • Launch a Minimal Viable Product to your core customer segment
  • Increase your marketability for a job in the areas of product development, marketing, or new business strategy

We use Lean Startup methodology to discover what customers want and the Business Model Canvas to identify what we need to execute.

A new video every Monday at 9 am EST in the MoCaFi app

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Starting May 11, 2020

05/11: Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup

05/18: Value Proposition & Customer Segments

06/01: Channels & Customer Relationships

06/08: Revenue Model & Cost Structure

06/15: Key Activities, Resources, & Partners

Each video will have 20-30 mins of instruction, ending with action items to complete that will validate each aspect of your business idea.

Live AMA in the MoCaFi Business Model Workshop Facebook group

at 7 pm every Thursday following a new video to answer questions about the week’s lessons and action items.

Steve Royster leads Product & Marketing at MoCaFi, a mobile banking platform helping people create paths to economic mobility.  He’s worked in the tech startup industry for 10 years as a venture investor at the NJEDA & Nokia/Bell Labs, founder of Lean Startup Newark, and product & marketing consultant.

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