The Agenda - 073

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In this edition we’ve included headlines on the water crisis in Jackson, early retirement, online classes for entrepreneurs, Project SERV funds awarded to HBCUs, and more.

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- 09/16/22 -

READ THIS: Cleveland To Pay $540K To George Floyd Protesters Who Were Wrongfully Arrested

Twelve protesters, who were unlawfully detained by Cleveland police officers, filed a lawsuit against the city and will receive $540,000.

READ THIS: Equality — And Clean Water — Is A Birthright We Shouldn’t Have To Continually Demand

Residents in Jackson, New York, and Baltimore are lacking one of the most basic human needs, access to clean water. The crisis, which continues to plague predominantly Black communities, is telling of the racial inequalities Black Americans face nationwide.

READ THIS: 5 Free Online Classes for Entrepreneurs

There’s a long list of educational resources available to aspiring entrepreneurs. In this article the U.S. Chamber of Commerce points reads towards sites like Udacity, Coursera, YouTube, and Skillshare.

READ THIS: Department Of Education Unveils Grants For HBCUs Impacted By Bomb Threats

Two of the many HBCUs that have received bomb threats throughout the year will receive $500k in Project School Emergency Response to Violence (Project SERV) funds.