The Agenda - 067

The Agenda is a curation of articles, videos, reports, businesses to support, and even social posts – just about any medium can make the agenda – that should be top of mind as you plan your next move. In each Agenda, you’ll find something of value.

In this edition we’ve included resources for free back to school supplies, news on a new DoorDash and Urban League initiative to empower dashers, a must-watch Ted talk about body language, and much more.

Remember, to start a business, level up, build generational wealth, or to just be ten toes down, you’ll need to know what’s happening around you. Stay up!
- 07/15/22 -

DO THIS: School Rocks Backpack Giveaway July 31, Free Backpacks With Supplies

Visit a TCC or Wireless Zone near you on July 31, 2022 to get a free backpack full of school supplies for your child. One backpack per child present will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

READ THIS: Sales Tax Holidays could offer some relief - check the list

For a limited time some states allow sales tax to be waived or reduced on certain items. Check the list for your state to see when and for what items you may be able to save as we approach back-to-school.

GET THIS: Free Digital Planner Downloads

Download free planner templates to help keep you organized.

READ THIS: DoorDash And The Urban League Created Financial Empowerment Classes For Dashers

DoorDash and Urban League are empowering dashers through their virtual learning platform, GoalUp. Included courses are offered free of charge to dashers and Urban League clients.

WATCH THIS: Your body language may shape who you are

"Fake it 'til you become it."

LISTEN THIS: Rethinking Credit Cards

"Do you have credit cards, but worry you rely on them a little too much? Does managing the debt seem daunting? Don’t worry, we got you! This episode is all about the do’s and don'ts of credit cards. Delyanne Barros speaks with credit expert Sara Rathner, from NerdWallet, about how to transform debt into a good credit score."