Wole Coaxum, MoCaFi Founder & CEO, participated in the 2022 Aspen Ideas Festival as a speaker in the Small Business in America: The Engine of our Economy and The Future of Wealth in America sessions. 

Watch the Small Business in America: The Engine of our Economy session

The pandemic wreaked havoc on firms across the US, and the smaller businesses that actually comprise the majority of economic enterprises were hit hardest. There are 31.7 million small businesses around the country, comprising 99.9 percent of all companies and employing over half of the American workforce. And the challenges they have faced from the pandemic and its ongoing economic reverberations should put us all on notice: A full recovery will hinge on the success of these entities. What can financial institutions and policy makers do in this critical period to better support the backbone of America’s economy?

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Watch The Future of Wealth in America session

Lacking wealth is one of the defining challenges of our time — and business leaders didn’t need COVID to reveal the stark financial inequities that exist for their workforces and customers. The private sector has a unique role to play in leading change in many areas: retirement benefits, health care, housing, hiring and wage practices, and where (and with whom) it chooses to invest its money. Join us for a conversation with financial-sector entrepreneurs, innovators, and civil rights leaders to hear about business and investment strategies that will — and won’t — help close the wide and deepening wealth divides across America. Lafayette Square Managing Director Don Baylor and Prudential Retirement Services President Dylan Tyson will join Georgette Dixon and Wole Coaxum for a discussion facilitated by the Institute’s Joanna Smith Ramani.

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