The Agenda - 063

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- 06/10/22 -

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READ THIS: NPR Music celebrates Black Music with month-long showcase

" In commemoration of Juneteenth, NPR Music celebrates Black music's influence by featuring domestic and international artists during a month-long celebration. The showcase will include a robust list of Tiny Desk concerts and Tiny Desk (home) concerts by Usher, FKA Twigs, Monica, Larry June, and more."

READ THIS: Mellody Hobson Set To Become Part Owner of the Denver Broncos

Mellody Hobson is among the group that purchased the Denver Broncos. She is the first Black woman with equity stake in an NFL team.

READ THIS: Comparing yourself to others is a sure route to misery — 5 ways to turn it into action instead

Comparing yourself to others can be dangerous, but you can use the contrast you feel to motivate you instead.

LISTEN TO THIS: Your Money Questions Answered

Get answers to questions like how to invest if you’re struggling to make ends meet.

LISTEN TO THIS: The Student Loan Dilemma

"Currently, 45 million borrowers owe $1.6 trillion in student loans."

READ THIS: Student-loan forgiveness will help narrow America’s racial wealth gap, new report says, but others call it ‘costly and ineffective’

Some believe it would help close the racial wealth gap in America, others believe it’s bad policy and will be ineffective at addressing the disparity.

READ THIS: DoorDash Is Making An Impact In Real Times Of Need

By the end of 2020, under Project DASH, 6.5 million meals were delivered to people experiencing food insecurity.

READ THIS: Build Back Better Has The Potential To Eradicate Many Of The Persistent Challenges Student-Parents Face

Childcare costs are extremely high and create an even larger issue for student-parents. More than 20% of American college students are parents while enrolled, and more than half of them leave college before completing their program because of the financial burden of childcare.