The Agenda - 061

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- 05/20/22 -

READ THIS: Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee On Anti-Black Buffalo Terror Attack: Take Action On HR 40 Reparations Bill If Serious About Racism

Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is urging lawmakers to put action behind their thoughts and prayers for the 10 people who lost their lives and the three wounded during the massacre in Buffalo, NY on May 14.

READ THIS: 7 Things You Can Do To Support Your Mental Health

Be intentional about how you move throughout your day and it’ll help. Read the Blavity article to see exactly what we mean.

READ THIS: Black Caucus Ups Pressure on Biden to Cancel Student Debt

“Canceling student loan debt is one of the most impactful ways to address ongoing economic and racial inequities plaguing our nation.” – Black Caucus Chair, Joyce Beatty

READ THIS: 4 reasons the economy looks like it's crumbling — and what to do about it

Remain calm and consider all the factors.

READ THIS: CEOs bragged for months about how they could charge higher prices. Customers are now pushing back.

Everyone has had enough of inflation. Consumer trends are showing greater shifts as a result of constant price hikes.