The Agenda - 058

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- 04/29/22 -

READ THIS: Tulsa race massacre reparations lawsuit survives motion to deny and will move forward, judge rules

101 years after the Tulsa Race Massacre, the case against multiple defendants for reparations is moving forward.

READ THIS: How Jobs In Tech Can Close The Wage Gap For Women Of Color

STEM job salaries are 26% higher than other careers.

READ THIS: It’s Time We Start Making Salary Negotiation A Normal Discussion For Black Women

You’re expected to negotiate your salary! Do not leave money on the table.

READ THIS: How to Teach Your Teens About Credit

Teaching your teen about credit is more manageable than you think.

READ THIS: Biden says he's considering forgiving student loan debt, but not $50,000 per borrower

The student loan debt forgiveness conversation is still in play. Meanwhile student loan payments remain on pause until August 31.

READ THIS: Students - Act Now To Ensure You Have ID To Vote

New and stricter voter ID laws will make it challenging or impossible to vote, so make sure you have a valid id with your current address and name, now.

USE THIS: Treat your mom this Mother’s Day with UrbanStems — and enjoy 20% off with code CNN20

CNN is offering its readers 20% off at Urban Stems, just in time for Mother’s Day. You’re welcome!