A good side hustle has always been a welcomed idea but during our current economic state, side hustles are becoming even more of a necessity in order for many Americans to make ends meet. According to the Pew Research Center, “Nearly half of U.S. adults with lower incomes have had trouble paying their bills since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.”


The figures are bleak at best, with many people still unemployed. And although some people have returned to work many households continue to be impacted by the pandemic. Side hustles are a strategic way to generate a little extra cash and gauge the viability of said hustle becoming your main source of income.


Getting a side hustle up and running by nature shouldn’t take too many resources. When it does, it starts to look more and more like you’re establishing a full time business and this isn’t quite the same thing. Ideally your chosen side hustle should bring value to your situation without you having to give up everything. Here are five side hustle ideas with low startup costs:


Turn your hobby into money

Turning something you enjoy doing into a side hustle will help to keep you motivated; who doesn’t love to spend time doing the things they love. An example of this would be selling jewelry, crafts, art, digital designs, editing services, and much more. If your hobby involves selling goods or services, you have the option of setting up a shop on an existing marketplace platform such as Melanoid Exchange, Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Society6, PeoplePerHour, and Fiverr. You aren’t limited to these platforms, you can also create your own unique online store or website.


Sell your stuff

A great deal of people go through their closets and pack bags to drop off at donation boxes. Donating is great but there may be some items in those bags that people on the web are willing to pay a few dollars to get their hands on. If you have a large supply of fashion items that you want to get rid of, selling items through Poshmark, Ebay, or even setting up your own online shop might be a great way to make some extra money.


Start a blog

Starting a blog won’t be fast money but it’s definitely a way to generate additional income. Finding a way to balance your time is essential for all side hustles but in particular with starting a blog you’ll want to be strategic about the time and resources you pour into getting this side hustle to make money for you.



Take your writing on the road, so to speak, and freelance for established publications. There are plenty of blogs and magazines that will pay you for submissions they choose to publish. You’ll want to create an online portfolio and resume to share with brands as you approach them about freelance writing opportunities.


Door dash/UberEats

Take advantage of established platforms like DoorDash and Uber Eats. With these opportunities, you have the flexibility to work when you choose and it requires no startup costs, only the use of your personal vehicle which you’ll use to make deliveries.


There are lots of opportunities for side hustles. To find a side hustle that’ll be worth your time, find the sweet spot between what you’re good at, what won’t demand more time than you’re able to dedicate, and what need you can fulfill for others.


Before you take on any side hustle, identify how much time and resources you have available to dedicate. Remember the purpose of a good side hustle is to make extra money and to identify an opportunity for more growth.