The Agenda - 053

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With each Agenda we search for content that we know is important to you. In this edition, we continue the celebration of Women’s History Month, follow the conversation of rising oil prices, get an update on the housing market situation, and dive into the topic of financial literacy for young people.

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- 03/18/22 -

READ THIS: Celebrating Women’s History Month - Rosa Garcia

In honor of Women's History Month, MoCaFi is highlighting women who are making a difference.

WATCH THIS: The breathtaking courage of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman’s accomplishments are detailed in this Ted-Ed video.

READ THIS: Oil 'emergency': Work from home and drive slower, IEA says

Russia was the 2nd largest oil producer in 2021. Solutions to combat the decrease in supply include working from home and driving slow.

READ THIS: US home prices rose 15% in February from a year ago

Home prices and mortgage rates continue to increase while the availability of homes remains the same.

READ THIS: Teaching Your Children About Money

Parents can start teaching children about money as early as three years old.

READ THIS: 5 Reasons Personal Finance Should Be Taught In School

Financial skills are essential to a healthy life.