There are many barriers to financial inclusion, opportunities for returning citizens is one. MoCaFi is partnering with Financial Solutions Lab to address the financial challenges that this segment of the population faces.

Here’s an excerpt from the Financial Solutions Lab blog post:

The Urban League of Essex County is partnering with Mobility Capital Finance, Inc., (MoCaFi) to offer a fully-featured mobile banking solution to assist returning citizen clients and their families. This financial product will provide credit building and bill payment capabilities at no cost to the user, alongside Urban League of Essex County’s wraparound services. The Urban League of Essex County is a comprehensive social service and community development organization providing integrated services to help families advance economically. MoCaFi’s platform also offers users resources to help them reduce bad credit, incentivize building savings accounts, and improve their economic stability over time.

Read more at Financial Solutions Lab in their recent writeup, Increasing the Financial Health & Employment Opportunities of Returning Citizens.