MoCaFi is Partnering with Rocket Mortgage.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Rocket Mortgage is offering $2,500 in lender credits to homebuyers purchasing a primary residence in Detroit, the mortgage giant of Rocket Companies Inc. said Monday.

The program is a part of a new “Detroit Home Loan+” initiative seeking to provide wraparound resources to Detroit residents who are looking to buy a home in the city regardless of the stage they are at in the process, according to the company. That includes assistance for those in areas where it may be difficult to obtain banking services. Credit counseling and homebuyer education also is available.

“Detroit has a huge history of homeownership,” said Laura Grannemann, vice president of the Rocket Community Fund, Rocket’s nonprofit arm supporting the program. “It’s only over the past few years we’ve moved from a majority homeownership city to a majority rental city. We have a real belief and standing in homeownership and building wealth through homeownership. It’s really providing pathways for all residents to be able to experience that stability.”