We believe, when you come across something good, it should be shared so others can enjoy it too. It’s important to share and spread the word about businesses and people doing great things, from making a difference to creating dope content and products. 


Did you know that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit black communities, including black-owned businesses disproportionately harder? The number of active business owners in the US dropped by 22% from February to April of this year, with black-owned businesses accounting for 41% of that change. 


Although spreading the word alone won’t close the gaps that have created an environment in which Black-owned businesses have the odds stacked against them, every moving part matters — financial services, financial literacy, a social agenda, an economic agenda, spreading the word and so much more.


This brings us to Dungeon Forward, a head wear brand based in Miami, FL. They’re a fire brand with great products. We hope you like them as much as we do. Here’s their story:


“Dungeon Forward is the brain child of Architect David Castro. Founded in 2008, the Dungeon was created to develop pieces directly inspired by and for the creative community. The name sake is one of movement and progress. We are always moving from the Dungeon Forward. From the darkness in to the light. From good to great, and this ever-present path of improvement is what is infused in our name. From nothing to something as Castro often describes his journey through life. We decided to focus on head wear in 2014 after realizing that the crown was often treated as an after thought. “Our” crown needed to be better than that and Castro aspired to not only create innovative head wear, but to tell a story while doing so. The stories we tell come from the culture. Through head wear it is our intent to call attention to stories of triumph, and to infuse poetic inspiration into our crowns. It is also our most specific focus to change the perspective on what a crown could look and feel like. When you see a Dungeon Forward crown, you should notice it at first glance if we are doing our job correctly.” 

Via Dungeon ForwardVia Dungeon ForwardVia Dungeon Forward

Via Dungeon Forward


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