5 Apps Financially Savvy People Are Using

So you’re trying to be financially savvy? Great aspiration! Being financially savvy has great implications for your future and the future of your loved ones. Maintaining your economic mobility and being savvy means you need tools, resources, a network and possibly even a mentor. This post is all about the tools. The great thing about smartphones is that we have access to so many tools, right at our fingertips. Here are five apps that financially savvy people should have.


Navigating your financial journey can be tricky and cumbersome. But with an app designed to help you spend smart, build credit, and do you, it makes a lot more seem possible, like spending within your budget, buying your first home, improving your credit score, or starting a business. App features like rent reporting, Mobility Score, and the VantageScore Tracker, in addition to the MoCaFi Mobility Bank Account equips you with everything you need to make informed financial decisions and keep you moving closer towards your goals.


Investing can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to know! Acorns helps. With this app you can invest with change, making the task of building your portfolio seem less daunting. The Acorns app helps you identify what type of portfolio – ranging from conservative to aggressive – works best for you. Also at your disposal, is access to financial literacy content.


Honeyfi makes it possible for you and your partner to manage your money together. Features like automated savings, budget suggestions, and bill reminders make it easier for you both to stay on top of your finances.


With Mint, you can keep an eye on things. An important part of creating and sticking to a budget is monitoring your spending. This app allows you to see how you spend and where you stand in relation to your budget. No more creating budgets with Google Sheets each month, you can create budgets and goals right in the Mint app.


Pocketguard allows you to track your spending, bills, and balances on all of your linked accounts. The app also helps you save money by cancelling subscriptions you no longer want.

Apps like these save you a lot of time on managing your money and achieving your financial goals. If finances are on your list of priorities, take advantage of these apps; it’ll make a difference, by helping you stay organized and informed. All the financially savvy people are using them. 😉