The Weekend Agenda - 015

So you want to Spend Smart, Build Credit, and Do You? We’ve got you covered. You follow us on social and everyday you digest spending tips, financial insight, and credit advice. Over the weekend, take a little time and get into what we’ve lined up for you. From the screens of the MoCaFi team, we’ll be sharing content from across the web that matters. Because to start a business, level up, build generational wealth, or to just be ten toes down,
you’ll need to know what’s happening around you.
Enjoy and stay up!
- 6/26/20 -

PLAY THIS: 015 - Focus

Ever so often we need to bring our attention back to center and get grounded. Luckily, music has never failed us, bringing us ways to connect, from our lowest lows, to our highest highs. Let this smooth playlist guide you right back to center.

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READ THIS: Why Meditation Might Be Good For Your Finances

Oftentimes things that are seemingly unconnected share a link beneath the surface, like your thoughts – and awareness – and finances. Will meditation alone make you a financial beast and move you right into the 1%? No, but your ability to think about and use money and your finances to create mobility in your life can be found in many of the benefits of meditation.


READ THIS: Systemic racism can leave black people suffering from symptoms similar to PTSD

In recent days, black people have been repeatedly reminded of the risks involved when they interact with police, been repeatedly exposed to videos of black men and women being murdered and seen a military response to communities protesting these abuses... If we are not actively trying to dismantle racism, then we are tacitly condoning it.


DO THIS: How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Growing a vegetable garden is a great way to bring fresh, nutritious veggies to your table. Knowing where your food came from is just one benefit of home vegetable gardening. You’ll also save money by buying less from the grocery store. If you have kids, vegetable gardening is a fun way to get the whole family out in the fresh air and sunshine.

It's easy to learn how to start a vegetable garden. You'll need a sunny garden spot, some plants and a few simple tools and materials.


READ THIS: A Book Lover With a Cause

Kaya Thomas has always been a voracious reader, yet growing up she rarely came across protagonists who looked like her. “High school was when I started to realize that none of the characters were ever Black girls,” Thomas says.

This inspired her to code We Read Too, an app that helps you find children’s books by writers of color, featuring characters of color.


TRY THIS: Headspace

During this pandemic, our mental health is suffering. Headspace is here to give you the tools and resources to look after your mind. And now, more than ever, it’s time to support those who really need it. If you’re unemployed, you can get a free year of Headspace Plus to help you get back on your feet.