The Weekend Agenda - 014

So you want to Spend Smart, Build Credit, and Do You? We’ve got you covered. You follow us on social and everyday you digest spending tips, financial insight, and credit advice. Over the weekend, take a little time and get into what we’ve lined up for you. From the screens of the MoCaFi team, we’ll be sharing content from across the web that matters. Because to start a business, level up, build generational wealth, or to just be ten toes down,
you’ll need to know what’s happening around you.
Enjoy and stay up!
- 6/19/20 -

PLAY THIS: 014 - Juneteenth

The world is experiencing a great reckoning in the year whose numbers represent perfect vision. Here’s our soundtrack for Juneteenth, 155 years later.

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A foundation of oppression holds open, the economic wealth gap in the United States. MoCaFi has an agenda of economic emancipation: to design and implement the blueprint for an integrative financial ecosystem that will empower black households and businesses in America to move from dependence to independence over the next ten years.


READ THIS: Money Lessons From 4 TV Dads

Father’s Day has a way of making us think about all the wise advice our fathers, grandpas, uncles, and mentors have given us over the years. Whether the topic of discussion is their area of expertise or not, rest assured they have a gem or two to drop on us about how to navigate, get through or deal. TV dads are no exception.


WATCH THIS: Why all Americans should honor Juneteenth

An historian explains the history and significance of the holiday.


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And rebuilt the department from the ground up. The strange, hopeful, politically complicated story of Camden, N.J.