Money Lessons From 4 TV Dads

Father’s Day has a way of making us think about all the wise advice our fathers, grandpas, uncles, and mentors have given us over the years. Whether the topic of discussion is their area of expertise or not, rest assured they have a gem or two to drop on us about how to navigate, get through or deal. TV dads are no exception. No matter their approach, they all came laced with quite a few lessons, leaving us with words of wisdom. Looking back at TV dads, we wouldn’t be in bad shape if the likes of Uncle Phil or even George Jefferson were imparting on us knowledge on how to get our money right. Here’s what we might expect from five popular TV dads.

Carl Winslow

Spouse: Harriette Winslow

Occupation: Police Officer

What he would say: Carl would encourage us to budget and prioritize. He knows that it’s important to spend smart and cut costs where possible. When a financial challenge arises he would advise us to get a part time job, because hard work pays off. 

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In this episode of Family Matters, the family has some conversations about money. Everyone avoids Carl when he’s paying bills, Carl convinces Harriette to ask for a raise, and Eddie works to earn extra money to buy the shoes he wants.  

Image of Carl Winslow

George Jefferson

Spouse: Louise Jefferson

Occupation: Entrepreneur

What he would say: George would tell us to be smart. He would tell us about how he worked his way up from the bottom. 

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In this episode (at 12 min. 15 sec.), there’s a dialogue about mindsets surrounding money.

Image of George Jefferson
Image of James Evans

James Evans

Spouse: Florida Evans

Occupation: Various, manual jobs

What he would say: James would tell us that it’s hard to get ahead. He would tell us to get a good education and find a great job. He would stress the importance of making a little go a long way. 

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Uncle Philip Banks

Spouse: Vivian Banks

Occupation: Judge

What he would say: Uncle Phil would encourage us to get a good education, secure a good paying job, spend smart and invest wisely. He would remind us of the generations of those who came before us, who fought and continue to fight for us to have opportunities to make something of ourselves. Uncle Phil understands what it’s like to work his way up from humble beginnings.

Favorite MoCaFi app feature: And Finance For All Podcast

Watch this clip of Philip telling his children he can afford to retire because he’s rich.

Image of Philip Banks

We love our TV fathers, but here are real-life dads doing it everyday, The Dad Gang!