We are coming up on three months of this apocalypse-ish reality we’re currently living through. Day after day, there’s a lot of news about the impact of COVID-19 and the negative implications it’s having on every aspect of life: disrupting businesses, exposing disparities, and creating new challenges, but has anything good been set into motion? We should hope so. 


Maybe it was time that disparities were put on blast, so no one could ignore them any longer, and maybe some industries needed an impetus to be more innovative and change things up. This pandemic has stirred the pot. It has become apparent that: affordable, mobile banking is a necessity; it is possible to allow people to work from home when life demands it; there are resources to ensure that every student has the technology they need to support their learning; and it is possible to meet people halfway so they don’t fall further behind.


“Look for something good and you will find it.”


Despite the headlines and alarming statistics, we can choose to believe that good outcomes will  emerge from this difficult time. 


It may be challenging to identify what’s right in the midst of turmoil but it’s a good practice. Having trouble seeing the silver lining in all that has happened? Maybe this will help.


You finally got a break. Life can move pretty fast, leaving many people overwhelmed and unsure of how to cope. Despite the way it happened, having the opportunity to sit down gives you time to get quiet, reflect, and plan for the future. 


You’re spending more time with your loved ones, or at least the ones in your home. And although you’re unable to visit with extended family and friends, there has been more time for phone calls and video chats with those you haven’t had the time to connect with.  


You’ve saved money on coffee breaks, commuting costs, and non-essential shopping. Some Americans spend as much as $5,000 per year on commuting costs. Now is the perfect opportunity to start your rainy day fund


You’ve started building healthier habits like taking walks, working out, sitting in your yard for fresh air, reading, cooking, or eating dinner as a family. 




During quarantine, some people have gone hard and others have taken it easy. How you make it through, is up to you. There’s no one way to stay grounded. Maybe your #mood has been to sign up for every online workshop and grind; or maybe your quarantine mood has been relaxed, using this time to catch your breath and reset. 


Whether you fall into one of these categories or someplace in between, remember to take a step back and acknowledge the good. Choosing to focus on positive outcomes will help you through by alleviating stress and giving you the capacity to think of creative ways to emerge from this pandemic renewed and ready to DO YOU.


What’s your silver lining?