The countdown to Mother’s Day has reached single digits. This year, to make things a little more interesting – challenging really – here we are all in the midst of a pandemic. Although we are all consumed with trying to survive this time and keep ourselves and our families grounded, safe, and schooled, now more than ever, it’s important that we take the time to show some love, on this mother’s day.


Whether honoring the mom in your home or sending love and good energy out across the digital highway, this year it’s certainly needed since the stress of this pandemic and economic crisis is taking its toll on moms, grandmas, god moms, and aunties far and wide. 


We want to be fiscally responsible as we take the time to honor the people around us. To be clear, making sound financial decisions – especially during this uncertain time – doesn’t mean cheap and it certainly isn’t a pass to cut corners. This is a time to put some serious thought and effort into how we honor the women who do everything for us. Let’s call it intentional gift giving. 


Take a second, step back and think, you probably already know the perfect way to honor the mothers in your life. But if you’re experiencing a little creativity block, here are some suggestions on how to give this mother’s day, or maybe a little inspiration to spark the perfect idea to help you show her she’s heard, seen, loved, and appreciated. 


Homemade Card

Make a card. If you are a right brain kind of person you might flourish here. A homemade card can be a beautiful thing if you’ve got the crafting skills to support you. You can find some ideas and complete steps by doing a quick Pinterest search

Virtual Brunch

Schedule a virtual brunch for the family to enjoy a meal together. Coordinate and share recipes to create a common menu and when it’s time to dine, set the camera up at the table and break bread together. 


Breakfast in Bed

Everyone enjoys breakfast in bed. Craft a breakfast of her favorite things and serve her in bed. Don’t forget to turn on some soft music for her while she enjoys her meal and eases into the day. Get some meal inspiration from @thespicesuite on Instagram. Her meals always look mouth-watering good!

Spa Experience

You can create a spa day for the mother in your life. Scrub the bathroom, light some candles, and draw a bath. Detox baths are a great way to achieve total relaxation. Queue the spa music on youtube and make her a cup of tea. 

Write a Poem

Put pen to paper and use your words and imagination to express how much she means to you and those around her. Read it to her. And if you’ve got the resources laying around, print the poem and frame it. She’ll love it.

Listen and Deliver

Do the thing she’s been wanting to check off her task list but hasn’t had the time to get to, or that thing she’s been asking you to do. Maybe she has asked you to paint a room, hang photos, or organize the closets. Hopefully you’ve been listening when she talks and you can recall a few things that are really important to her. Do it! 

Plan a movie night

You can plan a movie night just for the squad at home or get the Netflix extension and host a watch party with the whole fam. Pick the right movie! Here’s a hint: the right movie is whatever her favorite movie is. Don’t forget the snacks, dimmed lighting, and dinner before the movie. 


Make a Family Tree

Tug on the heart strings and start a family tree for her. Chances are you won’t be able to follow her roots back 10 generations in just a few days but put in the effort and get the ball rolling. And remember, presentation matters. You can go digital and create the tree on the computer, or put in a curbside order to your local store, grab some crafting supplies and use those art skills. This is a great project that you all can continue to work on, even beyond Mother’s Day. 

Plan a Picnic

Weather permitting, cook a simple meal, grab a large blanket, some throw pillows, and head to the backyard to enjoy a picnic together. 


Wishing the lovely ladies in your life, a happy Mother’s Day!