The Weekend Agenda - 006

So you want to Spend Smart, Build Credit, and Do You? We’ve got you covered. You follow us on social and everyday you digest spending tips, financial insight, and credit advice. Over the weekend, take a little time and get into what we’ve lined up for you. From the screens of the MoCaFi team, we’ll be sharing content from across the web that matters. Because to start a business, level up, build generational wealth, or to just be ten toes down,
you’ll need to know what’s happening around you.
Enjoy and stay up!
- 4/24/20 -

PLAY THIS: 006 - Golden Era Playlist

From D-Nice's Club Quarantine to the Verzuz beat battles, hip-hop has been breaking the internet just to hold us down as the COVID-19 iso continues. We just want to salute the OG's with a Golden Era playlist for this weekend's agenda.

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READ THIS: Without Capital, Inequality Is Locked In

The extent of our dramatic inequality is at least as much a problem of politics as it is a problem of economics.


TRY THIS:The 7 Best Personal Finance Apps

Budgeting your money may be one of the least enjoyable things ever. And let’s be honest: most of us are much better at spending than we are at saving. Nonetheless, it’s still important; after all, it’s not often you hear someone say, “Darn, I budgeted too well this month,” or, “I wish I hadn’t saved so much money.”


BUY THIS: Mucus Cleanse

This is one Upful combination of high vibrational herbs to serve the body in healing and remembrance through the blood, respiratory system, and nervous system.


DO THIS: Stay Home - Socially - Distanced Activity Sheet

San Francisco-based designer and owner of his eponymous skate and streetwear brand-meets-boutique Benny Gold has created a “Stay Home” activity sheet for all ages to get involved with.


DOWNLOAD THIS: What To Cook - Recipe Finder

Save a trip to the grocery store and find new recipes using ingredients you have on hand.