My wife is one of the best money managers in the game. We’re tracking our spending from the big stuff like rent and gym memberships, down to the change left over for our Krispy Kreme indulgence once a month. But even Serena needs help keeping her forehand sharp and sticking to her training diet. The same goes for families actively managing their finances (and especially those who may need a little help).

Who Can Afford To Pay For Advice?

Financial Planners are typically the first group of people who come to mind when we think of leveling up our financial management skills. However a traditional financial planner’s goal is to sell you an investment product to implement their management strategy. Many financial planners are repositioning themselves as wealth coaches with no investment strings attached, but for a service cost nonetheless. While there’s no harm getting paid for honest work, it’s tough for many of us to find budget to pay for investment or financial services before we actually start working a plan to create more income or manage cash flow more efficiently.

MoCaFi Wealth Coaching

It’s a tough call for many of our members to making room in their budget to talk to a financial expert on a regular basis. So we’ve brought a roster of financial planners on our team to kickstart their new account membership with personalized, goal-based budgeting and strategy.

We Don’t Charge For Advice

All you need to talk to a MoCaFi Wealth Coach is a profile in the MoCaFi app.

  1. Download MoCaFi on iOS or Android
  2. Sign up with your email address
  3. Receive a Welcome email with a calendar link to setup your coaching session

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Education is our passport to the future. For tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today. — Malcolm X

It’s time to get educated about our money. No matter your financial status – from money ninja to budget newbie – having an expert by your side to provide accountability and advice can only improve your financial life for the better.

Spend smart, build credit, and live wealthy.